Friday, August 7, 2009

Tech finale

#7 "Six Months In"
Oh my god I am hungry. They are eating food from Boom Noodle out there. Dear god I want to go get some of it.
I am here.
Oh DUDE. And by DUDE I mean DUDES!!!
6 of em. And this is a play about pregnancy. But I am not going to fully clarify so as to not ruin the surprise.
But the small actor notes and physical stuff it already cracking me up.
Director Linda Lombardi is just having them walk through their blocking, no lines, just finding their way around the stage.

A collective OH!!!!! Poor baby.
The guys are not in costume yet. I am really looking forward to see it though.
Are you intrigued yet?


Dude. Get your tickets.
The dudes want you to.

And I want noodles. I am going to get the now from the awesome kithchen volunteers.

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