Saturday, August 1, 2009

Morning Glimpses

I am here for my official first blog of the day, full of news.  I would have posted earlier, but I found myself suddenly without adequate computer access and couldn't figure out how to send my posts via 14/48 messenger pigeons.  

So, here are a few snippets of things that happened in the first few hours of the second day of the first weekend of the festival that is 14/48:

Shawn Belyea was woken up this morning by Peter Dylan O'Connor pounding on his front door because he needed a computer password and Shawn's phone was off.  

Lou Butler (stage manager extraordinaire) showed up with her glasses taped together with electrical tape and a bruise on the side of her face.  Apparently she walked into a wall last night during the first show.

Alex Samuels (food czar) made fresh potato pancakes for everyone (delicious).  

Chris Bell (actor) could not find his shirt (I am guessing) but did find his name tag- so he pinned it to his chest hair.  

Darian Lindle (playwright) brought videos of her highschool show choir to show Makaela Pollock (director).  (I saw some of it.  Its singing and dancing and sequins.  Oh, and jazz hands.)  

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Yar she Blows said...

Hey Alex,

You have an iced latte at your orange mac in the theater. I can't tell you who brought it to you because that would be betraying a secret.