Saturday, August 8, 2009

Observation #6

Rehearsal 5-5:30pm - Ordinary People by Josef Krebs, directed by Linda Lombardi

Well, this is it. This is the last show I'm going to be able to observe. I'm missing one. And even this one, I almost missed. I knock on the door of their rehearsal space and hear "come in" but when I poke my head in, there's no one there. Then I hear "hello" from behind me and Michael Patten is standing behind the door loading up his bag. I ask what they're doing, tell him that I want to watch them. He says they'll be in tech in a few minutes. So, I catch only their tech rehearsal. Tech rehearsal isn't a great time to get a feel for a piece because the actors are often standing in the lights to make sure they're seen, waiting for set pieces to be marked, holding for music cues, holding for prop placement. But this one doesn't have a lot of that stuff and therefore fewer interruptions. So, I get to see the whole thing and it's delightful! Michael Patten and Charles Smith play an adorable couple getting ready for a trip. Linda Lombardi really is letting go of it now. She does tell them to put the suitcases down in a different place. But that's it. These boys are ready to go! And we're all ready for dinner. See you in the theatre!


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