Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm with the band.

Everyone involved in the festival works their butts off.  Seriously.  It would be difficult to say that one group of people has a harder job than another.  But one group who would definitely be in contention for "hardest workers" would be the 14/48 band.  

These musicians are amazing.  They show up in the morning, read the scripts for the seven shows, and then get to work.  Emissaries are sent to each director to see what their vision is for music and then they report back to each other and make that happen.  

They are in charge of pre-show music, transition music, all sound effects for all shows (foley style), all underscoring the directors request, as well as an intermission song and an outro song.  PLUS, they are encouraged to write and score an original song based on the theme and have it awesome by 8pm tonight.  AND THEY DO IT.  (I have been informed that they do have an original song for tonight, written by Jason Anderson and Alyssa Keene).  So, when you are watching the show tonight (at 8pm or 10:30pm) don't forget to pay a little special attention to the band-back in the corner there.  They are the first ones onstage and the last ones off.  

I caught up with the drummer, Ron Carnell, while he was on a rare break (sorry Ron, if you would have rather relaxed than have me ask you questions).  This is Ron's 13th time doing 14/48.  That is a lot.  But once you see him work, its totally obvious why.  He says that today is a music heavy day, but he doesn't seem worried.  I am impressed by how relaxed he is.  In fact, the band always looks relaxed.  Maybe that's why musicians are so cool.  Confidence.    

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Sweetie the Official Scorer said...

I was SO impressed with the band last night, and I'm really looking forward to what they do for tonight. Kudos to the festival for making live music and sound such an integral part of the festival.