Friday, August 7, 2009

Impressions before lunch.

After peering into all seven rehearsals this morning, there seems to be a nice balance between all the shows. A lot of comedy, a lot of introspection, and some eerie, moving pieces. The playwrights all took the theme and ran with it in different directions. It's amazing to me how over these three days (so far) there have been no blatant similarities between pieces.

It looks as though there are twice the amount (at least) of designers that were here last weekend, and this looks to be a good thing, as the demands seem to be MUCH more heavier that last weekends. They easily have have the biggest challenge out of anyone.

Another thing that is amazing to watch is the progression the band makes while rehearsing. They'll start out with little riffs and before you know it, they've got fully realized songs that bridge the gap between shows seamlessly. There are a thousand miracles that happen over the weekend, and this might be the one that impresses me the most.

Lunch is currently being served, and there is a bunch of fresh fruit and sandwiches and pretty much anything you could want. I take it back...the biggest miracle of the weekend is the seemingly neverending buffet of (delicious) food.


Paul said...

We need some more blogs. Come one people!

A A G said...

One people? Who is this one people? Do you mean like a group of people, like, for instance, Irish Americans? I'll see what I can do.

megspaz said...

Is that Mullin? Dude, a bloggers gotta eat lunch too!