Friday, August 7, 2009

Mid draw period

Mmmm.. Bagel. The staff here takes such good care of everyone.

OMG! Heidi(writer) is talking to Basil (director) about monologues.
There are monologues. She did say she ignored the advice. They are probably awesome juicy monologues so I am sure her actor will have fun. Take your Ginko Biloba actors!

Downloaded song for Linda that she didn't know, she is listening on my computer while Vincent and I hum along.

I take a moment to check in with Erin to ask about all the complicated stuff her writer Josef was talking about.
"It is this deliciously Byzantiine committee on human progress" " I am just trying to figure out how stylized to make it. Does it live in the world of Brecht's or Parks and Recreation"

Actors are starting to show up.

Shawn Law walks in and tells me how he was pitching the show to his coffee shop peeps. He was trying to convince them "This is not your Grandma's theater". Could be a new 14/48 slogan. My grandma was pretty hard core though, I think she would have been game but, no, this in not the standard old stuff idea so many people have of theater. This is punk rock theater.

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