Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mistakes Happen, Part 2

At lunch time, I found myself with the cast of the play that had the numbers mix-up this morning.  Were they nervous about the mistake?  Were they mad that they were in that situation?  Were there tears?


They all agreed that they were a little wary about what the day would hold for them, but agreed that once they talked to the writer and director and read the script, they knew they would be fine and that they would make it happen.  In fact, they all seemed really excited about their show and they didn't need much prompting to talk all about it.  In fact, they stopped talking to me and started laughing and talking amongst themselves about stuff they discovered in the script and funny things that were happening and how much fun they were having.  Two of the women were even laughing because they both thought that the mistake meant there was an extra actor and they both offered to bow out.  Not because they didn't want to be in 14/48 today, but because that's just what you do.  


Gina said...

Love the 14/48 hook-up. It would be too boring without the hiccups that require appropriate festival behavior from the assembled wonderful people. Please send all involved my love and a wish for many broken legs. BTW, I just had dinner with Sandra Hall, one of the actors who performed in 14/48: Wolverhampton. A wonderful woman who years down the line now still recalls vividly the inspiring effect the process had on her performing.

Gina said...

P.S. It's really Anthony here, not Gina, can't explain why her name is on my google account. We're just close that way.