Saturday, August 8, 2009

Observation #2

Rehearsal 10:45-11:30am - A Whole Mess of Badgers by Kelleen Conway-Blanchard, directed by Erin Kraft

I'm familiar with several of this weekend's writers so, even though I'm not sure whose script is being rehearsed in the lobby area (there's no playwright there), I am certain within a few lines that it is Kelleen's. I can't tell you exactly how I know. It's the rhythm of her language, her word choices, the nature of the people she imagines. Her humor sneaks up your leg and bites you - she makes you laugh and suffer in the same moment. The characters are deeply disturbing and absolutely hilarious. And when the new character comes onto stage you think, oh here is Normal coming to intrude on Weird but NO - this is Weirder coming to take Weird to another level. I deeply admire that choice she makes. The actors (Seanjohn Walsh, Chris Maslen, and Hana Lass) are moving slowly through the script. I love the collaborative process happening in this room. Erin stops them often bringing movements or subtext or ideas to them. And they incorporate them naturally, generously. One of the great things about Kelleen's writing is that you can say a line in a whole bunch of different ways and it's still funny. Chris reads the lines differently each time. Still funny. Seanjohn is absolutely adorable and can't stop saying what is a very funny line (in context), "Cotton." Hana moves away from herself and into her character with an ease that is heartstopping to me. I don't want to intrude, I wish I could be completely invisible, but I keep laughing. I try to stop. Truly. But I can't help laughing. I have to DRAG myself away from the rehearsal.


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Paul said...

Good post, Becky! So evocative. I love Kelleen's work. I think she's a genuine voice and a true Seattle treasure. I hope she's writing plays for decades and decades and decades.