Friday, August 7, 2009

If these plays were Haikus,

They would sound like this:

Play 1: Mazen by Carl Sander

Basil Harris -- your
kitchen fire hath inspir'd a
play called Mazen -- proud?

Play 2: Human Progess by Josef Krebs

Tricky wordplay's a-
foot in this bureacracy
riddled play. Thanks, Krebs.

Play 3: Fingered by Kelleen Conway-Blanchard

"37 times
is a fuckload of fing'ring."
Too true, Ms. Blanchard.

Play 4: Life Skills by Moll Frothingham

Faker directs beats
With surgeon like precision...
Comedy is hard!

Play 5: Sharing Witness by Paul Mullin

One line impression:
History of Violence
meets Ingmar Bergman.....?.....?..???

Play 6: Death Lives by Heidi Heimarck

Eerily somber
mood here, peruse recent news;
art imitates life.

Play 7: Six Months In by Vincent Delaney

Gonio, Wright, Walsh,
Allcorn, Maslen...all pregnant.
Anyone surprised?

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