Friday, August 7, 2009


To steal an idea from Meghan (who is rocking it today!) I thought I'd lurk in the downstairs lobby (which seems to be where we all conglomerate)

Right outside the door, Super Volunteer Katie Hansen is outside fashioning a vase made of the greenery outside the building.

Spotted (briefly) power-napping: Scott Plusquellec and Annette Toutonghi. Apparently, in order to nap here, your last name must be really hard to spell.

Don't eat the rinds of the watermelon stew, or your stool will thicken. That according to Seanjohn Walsh, who I'd assume is full of these antidotes.

Meghan Arnette has now accidentally said 'anal leakage' in the lobby 10 times. I don't know when you cross the line between 'accidentally' and 'intentionally,' but it's safe to say she totally has.

Quotable quote from Therese Diekhans: "You know, I can never remember Laura Kenny's name.....except for now."

John Farrage spilled a little bit of soda on the floor. Don't worry, I made him clean it up. I am aware of the good I do.

Jim Jewell, our wonderful Kitchen volunteer for the weekend, is making grilled sandwiches and the artists are RAVING about them.

Lines, Lines, Lines. People are memorizing their lines.

I don't think anyone has any concept of how freaking fast this thing moves until you actually do it. Directors meeting in 50 minutes, tech begins in 80.

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