Friday, August 7, 2009

A quiet moment?

I step out into the lobby, food area for a little break. There is so much going on everywhere that I am starting to get really get overwhelmed trying to catch it all.

I pop into the kitchen for some hot water and get the food scoop. Jim Jewell is going to be making GRILLED sandwiches. But he says the real score it Boom Noodle is providing dinner. How sweet is that? Special thanks to Alex Samuels for hooking that up.

Megan Ahiers is the volunteer coordinator for the weekend. She has run by me 4 times in the last 5 minutes or so trying to get nametags, rearrange volunteer schedules, run to the store.
She is on the phone now helping Ahren the lighting designer find out if he has access to gels or gobos. A fresh volunteer is following her too. One volunteer has swine flu and won't be coming. WTF?

But it is ok more people are jumping in. Zoey Belyea has just shown up to help out wherever. Peter hands over the job of doing the program cuz she did such great job last week.
She is laughing as she tells me about her embarrassing typo last week (BTW BOO! I CAN'T GET PICTURES TO LOAD WITH THE WIFI!!!!) when she misspelled actor Trick Dannecker as TICK Dannecker. I start to joke about it within earshot of Peter and she gives me a shut up look of death. So I am just blogging it now. HEE!

Everyone so often designers and runners flash through. They are all on the run, I don't think I will get many words from them till the show is up. Pregnancy tummies are going to be an issue. Katie Hudson tells me about some costume project that includes cardboard, coat hangers and flashlights. But she is off to make the fake weed now.
There is five entrances to the room and I feel like I am watching a live farce(in the best possible way) with people popping in and out and zooming by.

The lobby is quiet for a couple minutes at a time and our security guard (can't leave the doors open here) for this shift, Doug, is reading a book.

(BOO! no picture AGAIN!)

I is the Time Travelers Wife. He notes that he is not afraid to read a girly book. (I love guys that end up working around theater)
He has an important, though probably a little boring and thankless job. There are people giving up tons of time all over the place to do all the unsexy work of making the beast of a festival happen. He does note though that "people keep showing up expecting me to know stuff. Virgin. I just watch the door."

I can hear the band through the ceiling sounding awesome.

Gary Menendez, the ANGEL of the 14/48 design team is now over in the corner on his cell hashing out who is now getting the weed, going to Theater Schmeater, Value Village etc. Trying to make sure he gets the bases covered. (again no f'in picture!!) He leaves then comes barreling back down the hall with a sorting of grunting happy humming song. "Checking them off! One at at time!" he tells me as he runs by.

Brian's actors are popping out to take a break right now. The have not gotten the play on it's feet yet, but Mike Dooly is really happy with what he gets to do. I ask John Farrage if he has any good stuff to share. "I get to say tits!"

They are gone. I chat with Moll (more in the Virgin updates soon)

Gary runs through again talking to someone about lamps with spinny necks. Hey warns to not get to many though. Only a $25 budget per show!
Katie is back and wadding up paper into giant bags. What is really supposed to be in there?

Yeah. No quiet moments. That is not the 14/48 way.

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