Friday, August 7, 2009

The Virgin Updates

Ok pictures are taking too long to upload, slowing me down. You only get words for awhile now...

Ok back. I had to take a break to play with Harvey the 14/48 baby. I couldn't help myself.
Also I may have ADD.

Back to Virgins!
Want to see them as they were last night? Go to-

Moll Frothingham (Writer)
I check in Moll right after one of her actors is thanking her for giving them fun stuff to do. Moll is beaming, that is exactly what she was most worried about coming through on.
Now really. Go Moll. Go take a nap. You have been up all freakin night and you have to be back to do this again soon.
Oh dear. She is already back. She says the nap is just not happening. She has some yummy lunch and then goes home to try again for the sleep...

Rebecca Olsen
This girl is HAPPY! She said she has an amazing cast, and is just loving it. As of lunch time, she said they had plenty of time. She was over in the corner with her cast mate. And there was lots of nodding, excited gestures and the conversation was something like "Yeah Yeah Yeah! OH! Yeah! I KNOW!" as they figured out some character stuff. Rock.

Ahren Buhman
I can't seem to really catch him. Designers are like quicksilver slipping through my fingers. I caught a shot of him getting lighting directions from Tim Hyland. They went something like this- "It should be like, SCUUUUUKUUUUU PYOUUUUUUOOOOEEE PTCHKUYOUOW SHHHCUUCHCCHK!" What Ahren hears in his head? Need gels and gobos.
Then he disappears. I follow him down hallways for awhile to get a good quote but he is off. His stuff has to be ready by the 3:30 tech and he is wiggin a little on programming it all.

Erin Kraft
Feels good. They figured out the style. Halfway through rehearsal they thought it was one thing then it decided to be something else.
Did she have ideas I ask? " I DID!" she squeals with delight!

Hannah Schnabel
Gave her permission to go raid Live Girls! theater. She too is off and running. I think she is still alive. I got a text that said "I want to STRANGLE Joseph Krebbs right now!" Watch play #2 to see what drove our costumer to violence

Doug Willot
Doing good overall. He say's his director is super detailed and works line by line (Brian Faker) and it is intense but good. However apparantly John Farrage, one of his fellow actors is being a TOTAL DIVA*. He didn't have to have Doug grab him by the shirt because he might rip it and it was HIS shirt. WAAHHH WAHHHH. Big baby.
Also, they were still blocking the show, lunch was almost over and John was all "I CAN'T GET HOME AND I CAN'T GET ANY FOOD!!!" Cry me a river buddy...

*note. I may be going to hell for posting that as John is one of he sweetest people you will ever work with. Ever. But it did happen. But he is not really a diva. But he could play one. He is rad like that.

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