Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Morning Scoop!!

Wanna know what your bill will look like tonight?

Andy Jensen will be directing Heidi Heimarck's Hasani Safari

Tim Hyland will be directing Carl Sander's When I Slip Out to Play

Basil Harris will be directing Moll Frothingham's Wilderness

Brian Faker will be directing Paul Mullin's Just Drink It

Erin Kraft will be directing Kelleen Conway-Blanchard's A Whole Mess of Badgers

Linda Lombardi will be directing Josef Krebs' Ordinary People

Nick Garrison will be directing Vincent Delaney's Cut


Tim Hyland (script in hand): "Carl, what the hell is this?"

Carl Sander (laughing a bit sadly): "I have no idea..."


Vince Delaney draws the final play two nights in a row? Lucky Bastard.
Kelleen's play will probably not involve the Wisconsin Badgers football team.
I'm hoping we got Mary Tyler Moore to make an appearance in Krebs' play.
I initially misread Carl Sander's play as When I Slip It Out to Play. Which would have been fun. Or maybe not.
Expect to see a lot of animal abstract work tonight. Call it an educated guess.

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