Friday, August 7, 2009

And Peggy Shall Greet You...

And Miss Peggy will greet you!

Holy crap! The day is gone. Gone daddy gone. People are racing around putting stuff away, audience is arriving. 24 hours ago people were just chillin, drinkin beer. We had NO SHOW! And the show is opening now just over 1/2 and hour. WHAT?

One more story for now...
Last night I spoke with Peggy Gannon. Her name tag still said Veteran and she deserves it for sure. But this weekend Peggy is entering a new role. She is the official 14/48 greeter this weekend. This a special position at 14/48 usually filled by Mr. Matthew Richter. Their job is to introduce the whole 14/48 concept at the beginning of the night. With the band they are the team that really set the tone. 14/48 feels more like a rock show that theater sometimes.

So Peggy is your greeter. Which MEANS, she is now a Virgin for the weekend. WOO HOO!
I talked with her about how she was feeling going into this new realm. And well...
It was super awesome.
She said " I just, I just F&*king LOVE 14/48 SOOOOOO much. Soooo much. I want to introduce all the people who are new to 14/48 to the magic that is. Cuz it is really magic. And to remind people who have been here before just HOW magic it is."
She also said the Matt told her that the best advice he had is to just do the speech so well you get someone in the audience to sleep with you.
While here hubby in the cast might not be down with it, I am sure the whole audience will want to, she is amazing!

I also asked her what she was afraid of. After thinking she said "OH! I just don't want to forget the theme!" (Apparently this has happened) then she gasped "OH MY GOD! What is the theme, I can't remember the theme!" Three of us were standing there. None of us could remember it.

In case she forgets...
It is "Danger in Group Work"