Friday, August 7, 2009

director draw

The director draw just happened. It is really calm and quiet her right now. You would never know how much insanity is about to explode....

First observations-
Writer Paul Mullin says he cheated. WHAT? Paul is a known for his grand ability to stir controversy but he won't tell me HOW he cheated. Did he really? What did he do?

Heidi is peeling an egg waiting for her director. He is late, but he is Mazen award winner Basil Harris, so he should be worth it. She fakes a nervous picture for me ("I am an actress") but she does not really seem worried. She is old school 14/48.

Vincent chatting with Linda- discussing the type of humor, how sincere it should be. Humming a song for her that now one else but me knows.
Linda "I just keep thinking about "DON'T EVER shake a baby!"
Something about when they are due... Didn't he get the 6 men? Sounds like lots of baby stuff. ROCK! Men and babies, I am excited...
Basil walks in late. Yes it was his babies fault.
Yes Basil. Blame a toddler. Is that Mazen award going to his head? "But I love you!" he calls as he heads to find Heidi. Oh you golden haired cad! I love ya too!

Moll is sitting waiting for Brian Faker who has gone off to read her play. She asks "is this normal?" She is actually twiddling her thumbs looking intense.
I ask her what she is thinking. Yes she is worried about what the director is thinking about as she waits.

Erin K in corner starting with questions Andy recommended last night "What is important to you"

Brian returns to talk to Moll- "I have no questions."
Then they start chatting about the play and now he starts to note "I am confused about..." something about the shift at the end of the play, who, how. Did not catch it exactly. Seems he does have questions.

Overheard from Linda "Just return the baby after the 8pm show"

Joseph is talking to Erin "if you do the math on it..." "80% prefer san serif" I can't hear him enough to really figure out what the play is about...

I am hungry. I need to go eat some of those rockin' potato pancakes. So nice. More soon.

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