Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eric Lane Barnes is a genius.

And my newest facebook friend. Here's his comment in response to my blog entitled "Apropros of nothing, pt. 1" And yes, it deserves its own post.

The first two notes of the Theme from Star Trek (which actually has words, written by Gene Roddenberry. And yes, they are deliciously horrid lyrics) is a rising minor 7th. This is the same interval in The Winner Takes it All. It is also the same interval in 'Ma Coeur a Ta Voix Doux,' the famous aria from Saint-Saens' opera 'Samson et Delilah.' Saint-Saens was also gay. But what do you expect from a French composer who's first name is Camille?

Not much else I can say to that. Well done, sir.

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Woman in Mind said...

Yes, that DID deserve its own post!! Love a musical genius in the mix. :-)