Saturday, August 8, 2009

And it is in this blog where I shall tempt the 14/48 Gods.

There was some low-key mumblings and grumblings at the artists meeting this past Thursday -- primarily from the most veterany of the 14/48 veterans -- about the gods of 14/48, and how they do not appreciate being tempted by the artists.

Inquiring about the nature of how one would tempt the 14/48 gods, I got this response: It pretty much happens when a naive virgin (or a possibly drunk/suicidal veteran) prefaces a sentence with: "I sure hope this specific thing doesn't happen today."

As in, "I sure hope I don't have to play a nun who likes getting naked and sodomized in her bathtub by the Norse god Oden." Oh what, you actually said that? Well put on your showercap and lube up, Anabel Mae, cause Paul Mullin just wrote a play about that exact same thing, and guess what? Your name just got called in the actor draw.

...And this is a roundabout way of saying I got to thinking earlier today, how could I tempt the 14/48 gods?

... ...

So, hey!!

You know what I hope not happens to me today? I sure hope I don't come across a sleeping or napping actor, sometime after dinner and frightfully close to the Places call. I hope I don't then, at that moment, grab them calmly but forcefully and frantically whisper to them: "What are you doing??!! Your show is on in one minute!!!"

(I furthermore plan to hope to not spend the rest of the evening avoiding said actor, and subsequent kick and/or punch in the taint.)

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