Saturday, August 1, 2009

Playwright Update: And now a little something from Erin Stewart

Email from Erin Stewart, 1448 Playwright. Received at 12:59 AM

I am 3 pages down, 3 to go. My head hurts. Thinking is hard. I don't know where this play is heading or how it will get there. Last night I was afraid because i finished really early. So the fact that I'm only half done at 1 is fine...right? Maybe it was my diet of Slurpee and Fritos that got me through last night. I am Miss Procrastination, USA. Nice to meet you. I've already peed twice, organized a playlist on my itunes, smoked 3 cigarettes, checked my email and dinked around facebook for a bit. Mama's gettin' tired and I need to cut the shit. Blarg. Not feeling it. Start over? Hmmm...

OK NO FOOLING, but Eye Of The Tiger just popped up on my itunes. No shit! I'm ready! Fark yes!

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