Saturday, August 8, 2009

Observation #4

Rehearsal 3-3:30pm - Just Drink It by Paul Mullin, directed by Brian Faker

Brian has decided not to go back to his rehearsal space at the Rep so his cast is at On the Boards trying to find a corner in which to rehearse. This is how it happens that Tracy Hyland and Connor Toms are practicing a sex scene on the floor up against a couch in the food hallway. They have to be quieted for the director's meeting but it's clearly a fabulous scene! Then Andromeda Dunker follows the script while they run lines. This is an interesting scene that I look forward to seeing in the context of the entire play. Brian interrupts the line running to call the rest of the cast (Alyssa Keene and Heather Persinger) over to sit on the floor in front of the food bar. He puts a manila envelope on the ground and starts to draw on it. He has apparently rethought a bunch of stuff - taking the action on the stage back to a much more minimal thing. There is a bed (mais oui!) and images projected on the screen. Everyone seems good with this idea of simplification. There's a lot of nodding. The band will be playing one of my favorite songs, Man on the Moon. Throughout this time, people are walking through the cast to get to the restrooms and the kitchen. Brian and the cast then look for a place that they can perch and practice. The problem is, there really isn't anywhere and for about 10 minutes I follow them through the building looking for space. They finally go into a little closed-in lobby area on the bottom floor. Regretfully, it's too small for me to join them. It's also going to be warm in that space. I know people make it work at 14/48. I know this. But, if this is where more magic is going to be created, I'm going to miss it.


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