Thursday, August 6, 2009

Initial thoughts from Heidi Heimarck, 14/48 Playwright.

Nothing like a theme that really makes more sense in a made-up language "Dangerine Groopevork". See? Easy-peasy. "Danger in Group Work" is... much more difficult. I think you understand now that I pointed it out.

However, I am writing. It seems to be inspired by the brief moment of some news bit I saw earlier today about some guy who either killed himself or others or both --- but they had some YouTube videos of him. I found that poignant and lonely-sounding.

Since I'm in POSITION 6 - (6th play of the evening) it might be nice to just forget humor. I say No to humor. :-O However, you never really know until it's done.

Back to the play -

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