Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Words from a Legend

A legend of 14/48.
Basil Harris.
He can direct, act, write all while playing base and diapering his child.
(That last part might be a lie.)

He is the most recent addition to a line of warriors who have forged 14 plays in 48 hours 4 times a year for CENTURIES!
(or 11 or 12 years...)

He talks of 14/48 as an event that sets the stage for the battle for your creative mind against the evil minions of "eh....ok", "whatever" and "i don't really want to". And against fear.
"F*#k your fear!" say Basil.

Sharing a deeply personal story of a raging fire where he bravely saved his daughter (then went back in to close the windows for some mysterious reason) , Basil was able to share his new found understanding of how the human mind behaves in an emergency...
"There is no time to be afraid."

14/48 puts you in a state of theater emergency.

Direct from the man himself...

Hear hear Mr. Harris.
14/48 team, the gauntlet has been thrown down...

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A A G said...

You got the video to upload, and furthermore, work???? You are a goddess.