Friday, August 7, 2009

Good Morning 14/48

It is about to begin.
It is a gray summer morning, cold and still out. But as the rest of Seattle showers, grabs some coffee and gets ready for what they do every day, somewhere 14/48 staff is getting ready feed the hords of theater makers and volunteers that are about to converge upon On The Boards to turn the 7 scripts that were crafted in the dark last night by our intrepid team of writers. Others are nervous, hoping the scripts all made it into the inbox or are on the way so they can be printed and distributed to designers and be ready for the 9am director draw (directors draw there plays at random). The writers have till 8am to get them in. 22 minutes from now as I type this. Hopefully they were done hours ago and managed to sleep a bit, because they will be meeting with the directors that draw their play in just over an hour.
I wonder how this 14/48 Virgin faired last night?

This is Virgin Writer Mr. Vincent Delaney onstage last night as he ponders how he is going to keep 6 MEN busy for a 10 minute play. He drew the largest cast and the last play of the night. I am so excited to see what he created for them!

He seemed up for the challenge as he high-fived Steering Committe member Peter Dylan O'Conner...Vincent Delaney, did you heed the call of Basil and set your kitchen on fire last night?
if you don't know what the heck I am talking about...

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