Friday, August 7, 2009

Still tech!

#5 "Sharing Witness"
Dude. I looked a way for a couple minutes and it had gone crazy up there! So much violence! Killer! As in awesome. But also as in kill.
Paul Mullin brought the dark and twisted. But I didn't get to hear much of the actual text so I have not idea what this is about. Really can't wait to find out.
You can't wait either.
But you have too.
Get your tickets NOW! I mean it.

Ooooo oooo! They are doing the final thing (can't tell you)
Lou shouts- "We are time, I will give you 60 seconds."
They do the thing.
Someone who just came in says "OH SH*T!"
Want to know what happens? See above and get a ticket!

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