Saturday, August 1, 2009

Half Way

At lunch, all the artists mingle together in an orgy of food and beverage. Alex Samuels and his dedicated kitchen helpers have created a feast: watermelon soup, make-your-own-sandwich bar, fried chicken, chips and salsa, fresh salad, fruit: you name, he has it. Well, you name one of the things on the list I just wrote, and he has it.

No one is simply eating, though. They are memorizing lines, talking about props, discussing music for the show, working on dialects, practicing their blocking, and talking about last nights shows.

One group discusses how last nights shows seemed to have a chicken and star trek theme. (If you didn't see it, there were two shows that had chicken-humans and more than one show that had star trek references.)

Alex Samuels just walked around with otter pops for everyone. He is a God. Now, satisfied that everyone has had their fill, he goes out for a much deserved smoke.

There is much discussion happening right now about trying to locate a coffin. Really. A show needs a coffin and no one seems to be able to have one. Do you have one?

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