Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Impressions of Day two

In the form of a Haiku and a Hollywood pitch.

Play number 2: Funerals

The Ice Storm meets Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Mik Kuhlman divides
script to beats. "We'll beat it out."
... Um ... That's what he said.

Play number 6: Charles Dickens' Great Expectations by Darian Lindle

Glee on crack.

Downstairs, an Orgy
of jazz hands, Chuck Dickens sez:

Play number 5: Calling in the Marker

The Godfather meets, um, lets say Erin Brockovich (grabbing at straws, I saw glasses of water and that for whatever reason was my first impression.)

At the Rep, MV
B does Brando, while Francis
can't remember names.

Play number 7: Mr. McGregor's Garden

Up meets Boondock Saints meets the Donner Party.

A brief synopsis:
fuck fuck motherfuck goddamn
(with Irish accent)

Play number 4: We're From Ohio

Let's saaay...Fargo meets Singles?

Fischnaller's doing
yoga...Troy, it's a theatre
fest'val, not a gym.

Play number 3: Mister Gibbers

Toy Story meets The Exorcist

Mister Gibbers is
never satisfied; Erin
Stewart is effed up.

Play number 1: Inanimacy

The Notebook meets Deliverance meets Pan's Labyrinth meets Mannequin 2: On the Move

"If you put it in
the hole, it comes to life." Man,
plays are weird today.

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