Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grilled Cheese Sammiches and Grape Laffy Taffy for lunch.

Washed down with some refreshing Mountain Dew...and some carrots, cause we're on a diet. Preserving the tool, folks.

Michael and Katie are in a quandry. They're looking for some moondust. Do you have any? Has anyone been? Does anyone have ideas? They just nixed an idea where a large beach ball would play the moon. Apparently, you can't papier mache something and expect it to not be wet by tech.

Remember, your limitations are your inspiration!

Charles Smith (not just a Veteran of veterans, but a Mazen award winner) apparently tempted the 14/48 gods by openly hoping that he didn't get a two person show - he's never been in one before. Well, guess the hell what, Charles? You just drew a two-person play this morning...Physical and irrefutable proof that the 14/48 gods will not be fucked around with lightly. Fortunately for Charles, it's only a four page script about werewolves. And sex? It's very possible that I misheard that, but it's more probable that I did not.

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