Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Virgin Profiles

14/48 has a policy of always making sure at least 25% of the artists are "virgins".
This time honored tradition of throwing these innocents into the artistic volcano, ensures that the gods of 14/48 bless us with a bounty of fresh artistic blood to feast upon. Artists may be "revirginized" periodically by jumping into a new area. Some virgins have never done 14/48 ever in their life, but some may have acted in 7 shows, but never directed. By offering themselves up to partake in another discipline they can claim back their virginity for a brief 48 hours.

I checked in with a few virgins at the thursday meeting to see how they were entering into the octopus like hands of 14/48...

Virgin Profile #1
Rebecca Olson- Virgin ActorShe looks so innocent and sweet!
Looking forward to- "The spontaneity"
Worst fear/nightmare- "Nothing. Is that bad?"

Virgin Profile #2
Doug Willot-Virgin Actor
One of the few water drinkers I found. Will this healthy attitude last?
Looking forward to- "fear" "excitement of the pressure"
Worst fear/nightmare- "to end up in something mediocre" "would prefer a train wreck to that"

Virgin Profile #3
Ahren Buhman-Virgin Designer (I believe lights)
Note the giant sh*t eating grin, the name tag all askew, the huge beer. Can this joyous boy truly understand yet what he is entering into? Only time will tell.
Looking forward to- "Find out what this thing is. What happens? What really goes on during 14/48?"
Worst Fear/Nightmare- "ummm.... uh.... ummm... nothing really? WOO HOO!!!"
Then he posed for this picture...
Virgin Profile #4
Hannah Schnabel-Virgin Designer (Costumes)
Our virgins are not like your virgins. Oh baby. This saucy gal called to me as I got there like some sort of sexy beer siren...
Looking forward to- "being able to be as crazy as possible, no holds barred"
Worst Fear/Nightmare- "total mental breakdown from designing 14 shows in 2 days" possible breakdown scenarios imagined "crying... barfing... fist fights"

Virgin Profile #5
Erin Kraft-Revirginized as a Director (Veteran Actor)
No directors this weekend are true, never done it before Virgins. But we will honor the revirginization process and include the lovely Miss Kraft. She clearly understands the wisdom of hiding with her bear for she spends the next day answering 1000 questions. She is saving herself.
Most Looking forward to- "not being able to plan"
Worst Fear/Nightmare- "that I won't have any ideas"

Virgin Profile #6
Moll Frothingham-Virgin PlaywrightSadly I was not able to find any Virgin Writers early in the evening. This dear virgin had already been informed she but a few hours really to write a play on "Danger in Group Work" her course was set, she drew her actors and slot in the evening. Note the slightly worried expression seeping up from her brave smile...
Looking forward to- "Community"
Worst Fear/Nightmare- "Oh, I don't want to think about that" (true, unfair question post draw...) But then she added "the pressure to make everyone look good" (the writers are charged with giving EVERYONE something great to do for the day, EEK!)

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