Friday, August 7, 2009

Tech keeps going...

# 6 "Death Lives"
I am very curious about this one. They have these amazing lamp creations they are wearing that you totally have to see.
I have not seen to many freaked out actors so far but this crew is stressin. They have some monologue action to memorize and Heidi writes very cool and VERY specific funny language. I had to run to the ladies during the 4th tech, and ran through the upstairs lobby at On The Boards were they were rehearsing. The were still busting in out and the room had the hot sweaty actor steaminess to it. (I am sure it will be aired out by the time you come, don't worry) I see Virgin actor Connor Toms and my earlier interaction with him at lunch makes sense now. I tried to ask him how he was doing while he was gathering his food at the sandwich bar and he looked at my like this...He tried to speak but just sort of moved his jaw slowly up and down while he blinked and tried to stab a piece of turkey with a fork. Then he said "umm... I... I am just feeling kind of overwhelmed right now.
But he looks like he is doing ok at tech. Hang in there Connor!

The lights in the show are really cool. Some time had to be spent to get the balance between the very small amount of light the actors had (they had to carry if with them) and the light the band needs to do it's job. This is super cool and creepy in here right now.

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