Saturday, August 8, 2009

Someone says...

Someone says, "Still Life: Smoking Man with Cookies" and we look up and Alex Samuels is putting his cigarette out before he comes in with his arms full of cookies. He says, "John Bradshaw rocks!" Apparently John is responsible for the cookies - which means, he really does rock!

Someone says, "Have you heard there's a play with gay werewolves." "No, seriously?" "Yeah, just an ordinary gay couple but, you know, werewolves."

Someone says, "This is the worst support group I've ever been in!"

Someone says, "Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, my antibiotic prescription ran out this morning and now I'm on Vicodin. Basically, I'll be high for the rest of the show." (the "someone" is our Stage Manager, Lou!!)

Someone says, "I don't care which music it is. Well, not true, I do care it's just that I'm bankrupt in ideas in that department right now."

Someone says, "They're just rehearsing their orgasm."

Someone says, "What's state of the superhero, fairy, and bear costumes?" "Done."


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