Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Morning Energy

Saturday mornings at 14/48 have a unique kind of energy. One play down, one to go. Coming off of the experience of last night - gearing up for a new challenge tonight. A little exhaustion. Some coffee and danish. Nerves. Congratulations. It's exciting.

This is an energetic group. Much more raucous than last weekend. Louder. More heckling. Teasing. It fills the small theatre.

I hear Brian Faker discussing (I think) the play he's directing. Someone is saying "Treat it like for colored girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf..." "Yeah," says Brian, "how I would treat that play? That's exactly how I'll treat this."

Someone tells Mark Boeker that his line from last night was the favorite. Mark repeats the line. They all repeat the line. A brief revisit before moving on.

Paul Mullin is here with his very young son. He says the writing went well last night. He looks exhausted. He and Brian Faker are talking about how boring but necessary read-throughs are. "Like sex," one of them jokes. Paul's son asks "What's sex?" Paul ducks it. Brian answers it "It's how babies are made." I wait to hear what's next. Silence. Then, "How is it spelled?"

Mike Dooley is a 14/48 virgin. Shawn Belyea says, "Hey Mike, it's going down in history that your first line in your first play of your first 14/48 was I want you to come in my mouth."

I love eavesdropping.



Paul said...

Oh dear. I look exhausted? I suppose that's gotta be true. But do I have to be such a bad parent too?

Boobirdsfly said...

Delightful to read ! I missed the call or else I would have been there today. I hear the lovely Alyssa got the spot. I 'll just have to arm wrestle her tonight...
I'm coming to the 10 30 show.

Woman in Mind said...

I take it back, Paul - you didn't look exhausted. You looked FABULOUS! And, I've got nothing to say about your parenting.