Saturday, August 1, 2009

What you will be seeing tonight.

14/48 Weekend One, Night Two

Theme: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


Inanimacy by MJ Sieber, directed by M. Elizabeth Eller
Starring Kate Kraay, Chris Bell, Sam Hagen, and Charles Leggett

Funerals by Becky Bruhn, directed by Mik Kuhlman
Starring Lyam White, Shane Regan, and Annie Jantzer

Mister Gibbers by Erin Stewart, directed by Tyrone Brown
Starring Mark Fullerton and Sean Mitchell

We're From Ohio by Chris Haddad, directed by Aimee Bruneau
Starring Troy Fischnaller, Nik Perleros, Roy Stanton, and Shana Allman



Calling in the Marker by Jim Jewell, directed by Scott Francis
Starring Shawnmarie Stanton, Bruce Hall, Eric Van Beauzekom, and Ben Burris

Great Expectations! by Darian Lindel, directed by Makela Pollock
Starring Jason Harber, Ryan Higgins, and Patti Miles Van Beauzekom

Mister McGregor's Garden by Rachel Atkins, directed by Katjana Vadeboncouer
Starring Ellie McKay, Cynthia Whalen, Carolyn Monroe, Jane May, and Trick Danneker

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