Saturday, August 1, 2009

Director Thoughts.

I decided to try and find all the directors to get some insights from them.  Most were very busy but they were all very willing to talk to me.  I asked them to tell me (in one word) how they were feeling right at that moment and also one word to describe their show.  Here you go.

Show #1: "Inanimacy" directed by M. Elizabeth Eller
Feeling: Hopeful Show: Fucktastic

Show #2: "Funerals" directed by Mik Kuhlman
Feeling: Great Show: Sweet

Show #3: "Mr. Jibbers" directed by Tyrone Brown
Feeling: Good Show: Puppetry

Show #4: "We're From Ohio" directed by Aimee Bruneau
Feeling: Torn Show: Sticky

Show #5: "Calling the Marker" directed by Scott Francis
Feeling: Great Show: Enjoyable

Show #6: "Great Expectations" directed by Makaela Pollock
Feeling: Sweaty Show: Spunky

Show #7: "Mr. McGregor's Garden" directed by Katjana Vadeboncoeur
Feeling: Awesome Show: Fucked

Now who doesn't want to see these shows?  

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