Thursday, July 30, 2009

Notes from the first meeting.

Here's what's being talked about at the meeting:

-- Free Beer! Virgins must get the veterans beer when they request it! (I've decided I'm no longer a virgin, btw)
-- How long are the plays? 10 minutes.
-- Free food! Breakfast, lunch and dinner! Unless you're vegan. There will be sugar. There will be carbs. There might even be a chicken that'll crap your eggs out right on the spot. Deal with it.
-- Hurray for On the Boards!!
-- Parking sucks! (Really?)
-- Don't lose your badge! It's like a $25 fee. Just kidding, but don't lose your effing badge!
-- Tim Hyland: "Sean, I noticed it's a bit colder in here than it is out side. Why is that?" ANSWER: GLORIOUS AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!!!
-- Two rehearsal spaces at the Seattle Rep. Ahhhh crap, more walking for me.
-- Tix available at Brown Paper Tickets.
-- How long are the plays? 10 minutes!
-- 300 seats available. They say we can't fill. I say you prove them wrong, reader.
-- Artist Deep Thoughts:
For Writers:
10 minutes = 6 pages.
Give all the actors something to do.
Less words = much better chance of memorization (ie no monologues)
For Directors:
10 minutes = an 8 minute run through at tech.
Give everyone a chance to do their job.
Direct the goddamn's not an opportunity to talk about your process!
For Actors:
Learn your lines, please! (Give yourself a break if you need it!!)
Go big or go home.
Don't celebrate too much after the first show...You still have another one to go!
For the Band:
10 minutes shows, you only cover the scene change.
Don't worry, you'll be heard.
Go for the original theme song, not a cover!
For the Designers:

Scene changes should be a fair amount shorter than the shows.
Limitations are your inspiration!
-- Mark Fullerton = the oldest man on Earth.
-- One more round of applause for On The Boards!!


the beige one said...

AAG, good job so far, keep 'em coming...But those of us living vicariously through the blog demand to know: Theme?

A A G said...

It's up!! Had to take a lil break to travel home and eat...there will be no such breaks tomorrow!! :-)