Friday, July 31, 2009

Show # 3: Single's Night

Alex handed me his computer.

This is Aimée Bruneau reporting live from the main theater at OTB.

It's noon and my actors are taking the next hour and a half to learn their lines. I've worked on enough 14/48s to know that if a director doesn't give the actors a solid chunk of open time to get their heads around the text, the actors won't feel confident at the 8pm show - and even worse - they'll totally butcher and paraphrase the playwright's work - or even worser-worse - they'll freeze and go up on lines completely.

So. We're marinating now.

Becky Bruhn's play is pretty straight-forward. Not a lot of fluff and not too much action. She's written a piece for two men and wisely avoids any long monologues - she's no rookie. I directed another piece by Becky a few years ago. She's an easy collaborator, okay with cuts and flexible about minor changes. It's a relationship piece and I feel darned lucky to get two smart actors: Jason Harber and Erik Van Beuzekom. I've enjoyed working with Erik before - on my very first 14/48 as a director back in 99 or 2000. I've seen Jason's work about town and I'm grateful for the chance to play with him. He's really fun to watch.

I'm contemplating some choreography... It might be too much. Deb Fialkow could maybe take a break from volunteering in the kitchen to help us out...

There's a lot of talent in this building.

I love actors. They're all so serious right now! I don't think the keg is getting much play at the moment.

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