Friday, July 31, 2009

Actor Draw -- No Casting Couch here, folks.

All the actors get their names thrown into handsome Tom Selleck and Farrah Fawcett (too soon??) tins, and the directors get to draw the names. Simple as that. And here is the show for tonight:

THEME: My Turn


The Galactic Journeys of the Virgo 12 by MJ Sieber, directed by Mik Kuhlman
Starring Sean Mitchell, Roy Stanton, Charles Leggett and Troy Fischnaller

Donation by Chris Haddad, directed by Makela Pollock
Starring Mark Fullerton, Bruce Hall and Shane Regan

Single's Night by Becky Bruhn, directed by Aimee Bruneau
Starring Eric Van Beauzekom and Jason Harber

Calvin's Not Here by Erin Stewart, directed by Tyrone Brown
Starring Ryan Higgins, Lyam White, Kate Kraay and Shana Allman



It's Your Turn by Jim Jewell, directed by Scott Francis
Starring Annie Jantzer, Carolyn Monroe, Trick Danneker and Nik Perleros

Ascension by Rachel Atkins, directed by Elizabeth Eller
Starring Patti Miles Van Beauzekom, Ben Burris and Chris Bell

Human Nature by Darian Lindle, directed by Katjana Vadebancoeur
Starring Sam Hagen, Ellie McKay, Jane May, Shawnmarie Stanton, and Cynthia Whalen


(egg) said...

Ha ha! Becky -- you drew *another* dude play?!

the beige one said...

That is a SOLID evening...

Woman in Mind said...

I *know* I did! I'm OWED some WOMEN!! (Not that I don't ADORE the lovely male actors that I have working on my play today!)