Thursday, July 30, 2009

It is almost upon us!

Can you feel it...?

The excitement in the air...?

(Or is that just the impending heat stroke?)

21 minutes left in the workday before I leave my workspace prison downtown and make my way to the mecca that is the first weekend Artist's Meeting for the 14/48 SUMMER 2009 FESTIVAL at ON THE BOARDS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

This year's fest is jam-packed with talent, and I am just tickled pink to be covering both weekends. What have you done to prepare for the fest? I spent my day ignoring work and facebook stalking all the people I didn't know on the artist roster (an embarrassing amount, truth be told).

Before I leave work, a bit of a personal question for anyone who will answer: Am I still a 14/48 virgin?

I volunteered for a bit last Winter, but I only had like two beers over two weekends and couldn't have spent a combined 8 hours of my time. So what does that equate to? I'm confident I made it at least past first. Second base, maybe? Did 14/48 and I get to second base last time? It sure didn't feel like I made it alllll the way home with 14/48...I'm pretty sure I would have known how that felt if it happened.

Aaand I'm out. Queen Anne, ho!!!

--Alex Garnett (A A G)

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