Friday, July 31, 2009

Playwright Update: Rachel Atkins

Email received from 14/48 playwright Rachel Atkins:

8:45 pm get idea driving home

9-10 try writing different idea

10-11:30 go back to original idea, remind self of personal 1448 rule to stick with the driving home idea, hand write first draft, original idea morphs into something different

11:30-1:30 finish first draft, hate it and consider writing something new, remind self of rule again, eat bowl of ice cream, type and revise script, decide that significant changes would require giving up more sleep than willing to lose, go to bed

6 am awakened by fire alarm in house inexplicably going off once, try to get back to sleep, fail

7:15 get up for final read and revisions

7:50 email script with still vague feelings of dissatisfaction—now it’s the director’s and actors’ turn to figure it out…

The fire alarm was probably a sign from God, or perhaps Jesus.

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