Friday, July 31, 2009

Director's meeting

All the directors are now downstairs meeting with Lou and Tim. Here is where everyone talks about the technical needs of their show, and the spine of what you'll all be seeing in less than five hours really starts to take shape.

The big theme of this meeting is discussing the set pieces needed, and orchestrating set changes. Set changes are my most favorite thing ever, because if you screw them up ever so slightly, it becomes a play about set changes. So, you can sense the importance of this meeting.

Darian Lindle is the playwright that wins the award for least set pieces, with zero. Rachel Atkins comes in second with one. Way to go, guys. In the paraphrased words of Shakespeare, "Brevity is friggin' awesome."

Tim and Megan will be your set crew tonight, so be sure to give them a little round of applause when you see them. Or, if that strikes you as too much, be sure to give them a knowing smile and a tip o' the hat.

FYI, It is really getting hot in herre.

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