Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some random bits before bed time.

So after introductions were made, the rules and regulations were discussed, the Mazen Award was presented and the theme was drawn, all the actors, directors, band members, designers and playwrights split off into groups and got together for a brief pow-wow before heading out into the night.

I eavesdropped a bit on the playwrights, where I learned that dreamscapes and meta-theatrical plays are generally frowned upon ("Your play is about you writing a play? Congratulations, you're the billionth person to think of that." ... "But it's my take on it!") It was at this point I realized I was glad I was not a playwrite, because the metaplay is where my brain immediately went.

Then, I met up with Deb Fialkow, the wonderful volunteer coordinator, and was taken on a tour of the facilities. 5 plays will rehearse @ ON the Boards (In surprisingly small rehearsals spaces), while the other two get spots at the Seattle Rep.

Afterwards, I scoured the premises, putting it on myself to find some witty quoticisms (Yes, I create words) to throw up here for your entertainment before bed time. Here goes:

MEGAN AHIERS: "What, are you trying to get quotes or I put this cock in my mouth...yeah, you can put that up" Very well, Megan. Very well.

LOUISE BUTLER, fearless stage manager, on what scares her the most about this weekend: "That I have no idea what the fuck is going on...I know I gotta be there at three. That's all." Awesome.

GARY MENENDEZ, designer: "I am eminently unquotable." Ironically, this is my favorite quote of the night.

ELIZABETH ELLER, virgin director, on her greatest fear: "I'm a director, I don't have fear...that's what seperates us from the other artists." You talk a big game, Eller. I like it.

Apropros of nothing, this fanciful bon mot from TROY FISCHNALLER: "Two dogs in a tub." Google it.

But the winner of the "That's What She Said" OVERHEARD AT 14/48 quote goes to ERIN KRAFT: "It landed in my eye, Trick."

Time for bed...the goal is to be back at On the Boards around 8 or 830 AM...that is when playwrights have to have the final draft of their scripts in, in order to get them printed out for the directors meeting at 9.

Speaking of the playwrights...I wonder how they are doing.......

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