Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tech Rehearsal Shows #3 & 4

Show #3: 21 Run by Matt Smith
Directed by Paul Budraitis
Stage crew brings in a sofa and a coffee table. Paul is figuring out some sight line issues. So far, fairly straightforward tech. So we get to see almost a complete run through of the play. Very funny stuff.

Band transitions into Pink Floyd as crew clears the stage.

Show #4: Play 4
The Destiny of Lil' Davy by Jim Moran
Directed by Jose Amador

Aiming the moving light on our man with the guitar as Jose sets up the table. This is the Irish play, and folks, get ready for some awesome dialect work. This cast is BRINGING IT. Jim Moran has written a play that has got to be the dream play for the band to intro/outro. And it's got a pun on the theme to boot. Now we're jammin' to U2. We should probably be doing something else - but it's way too much fun just listening to this band go! Transitioning to show #5.

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