Friday, January 11, 2013

Rehearsal Drop-in #4 The Church of Metro

There's a lot of talk about activities and behaviors at a bus stop. Mark Fullerton tells Katie Driscoll she's playing a 12 year old street urchin and she laments about all the street urchins who come over to Seattle from Bellevue for the summer. Westlake center is overrun by them in fact and is just a few blocks away. There's some serious table work happening here. John McKenna speculates that a bus ride from Federal Way to Seattle is a long way to go for pussy. His character apparently trades methadone for sexual favors. This is after all a delightfully demented Scot Auguston play! A band member shows up to consult with Mark about sound effects. He wants cityscape underscoring that includes the sound of someone pissing...

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