Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Morning Draw with Tom & Farrah

There's a very good reason why it's a 14/48 tradition to go straight home and hit the sack after the Thursday night Artist Orientation and the Friday night shows. Saturday is always the greatest test of stamina following the first 24 hours of the festival. Today will be fueled by copious doses of caffeine, pure adrenalin and the ardent desire to best your personal best, buoyed by the rush of confidence which a successful Friday night imparts. Half the artists are half asleep as the 14/48 gods choose their fate for the theme of Something To Write Home About:

#1  The Patriarch by Paul Mullin directed by Virgin Director Pamala Mijatov featuring: Virgin Actor Stephanie Kim, Virgin Actor Sean Ryan, Daniel Chercover and Ben Burris.

#2  The Hummingbird Lady by Virgin Writer Erik Van Beuzekom directed by Richard Ziman featuring: Lisa Viertel, John McKenna and Tracy Leigh.

#3  Standard Issue Armed Services Field Guide To Average American Romance by Wesley K.Andrews directed by Virgin Director Corey McDaniel featuring: Darragh Kennan, Virgin Actor Jordi Montes, Virgin Actor Mike Mathieu and Virgin Actor Opal Peachey.

#4  I Dare You by Marcy Rodenborn directed by Beth Raas-Bergquist featuring: Virgin Actor Donna Wood, Kathy Hsieh, Seanjohn Walsh, Ryan Higgins and Virgin Actor Moses Yim.

#5  Camp Lake SunnyLake by this weekend's Mazen winner Wayne Rawley directed by Virgin Director Andrew Huntley featuring: Virgin Actor Colleen Carey, Virgin Actor Tonya Andrews, Kaleb Hagen-Kerr and Virgin Actor Frank Lawler.

#6  The Adventures of Henry by Bret Fetzer directed by Patti Miles Van Beuzekom featuring: Bob Christer and Julia Griffin.

#7  Betsy Barker: Episode 37 by Scot Augustson directed by Mark Fullerton featuring: Harry Jamison, Kenna Kettrick, Katie Driscoll, Amy Christer, Teru MacDonald

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