Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday's 3:00p.m. Directors Meeting

The meeting begins with several tardy directors, but they roll in not too long after three. Veteran stage manager introduces the crew (Angelo is a carryover from Friday, new to the team is Tess Malone and Trick Dannneker), there will be more than a handful of runners for the show, so we should be in good shape.

The directors share their concerns, and the question in front of the group is whether it'd be better to do a cue to cue during the 20 minute tech, or if there is some other methodology that works better. Simply, whatever feels better for the director is what's best in order to address any concerns they might have.

Show #1 has some additional needs, but otherwise, fairly straightforward and should be ready to go come tech time.

Show #2 needed to figure out the business around a hummingbird feeder that needs to be preset. Director Richard Ziman narrates through the cast's traffic patterns in order to establish what's needed with the lighting designers.

Jason relates that the workload for the band is fairly large today, so they will be working hard through the entirety of tech to be ready to go at show time.

Show #3 is essentially ready, but needs to check in with the various teams to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Show #4  the placement of a practical instrument is discussed and it turns out that Angelo, the lighting designer, has placed the outlet in a very convenient spot. The first part of this show's tech will be spent on placing the various set pieces throughout the space.

Show #5 needs to check to make sure that one of the set pieces will be able to support the weight of an actor. "It's got four legs and wood, so it's better than a folding table," Trick proclaims. Safety is job one, folks.

Show #6 has members of the run crew on stage at the top of the show, gaining some extra hammage in the process, but is otherwise quite ready to go.

Show #7 as the last piece of the evening, this is the one that's still not quite set, in terms of having its needs cemented, however, every team assures director Mark Fullerton that it'll be ready soon.

Five minutes until tech. Time for the restroom and then the crucible may begin.

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