Saturday, January 12, 2013

Inside the Bullitt, 60 Minutes to Lunch

--Prince's "Kiss" streams down from the Artist Liaison office.

--Pattie Miles Van Beuzekom, who is directing Bret Fetzer's two-hander with Bob Christer and Julia Griffin (matching last weekend's Veteran director Stan Shields in pulling two-handers both nights) brings in her cast, and does the robot.

--Bret Fetzer confesses that he ended up going to sleep later than the night before, despite having finished his play well before Friday's 10:30p.m. show was complete (he needed to type out his script).

--Jodi Paul Wooster and Shawn Belyea are speaking with the film crew about 14/48, stressing the role that the festival has in the Seattle theater ecosphere.

--The design team is coordinating the various stops they need to make throughout the day. They will need to fabricate a field guide to romance for play #3 (Veteran playwright Wesley K Andrews' Standard Issue Armed Services Field Guide to Average American Romance).

--Veteran playwright Paul Mullin, done for the day, talks about his habits as a writer with the film crew. "If you think about it, the writers' process, in a typical play's life, is distended to the point of absurdity...There's a certain comfort that comes from knowing that whatever it is you're working on will be produced the next day. It might suck, but it will have a life on stage."

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