Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Morning Designer Hubbub

Listening in on the designers, before they head off to meet with individual directors, seems that the early morning call is for blood, severed heads, hostile aliens and Godzilla...This combined with Scot Augustson's claim that he has achieved maximum silliness means...something.

Can't help thinking of Jodi Paul's opening speech last night, in which he observed that even though, rationally, we know that there is no such entity known as 'the 14/48 gods', something must be controlling our fates. More proof positive: the aforementioned Scot Augustson was once again teamed up with director Mark Fullerton, and in turn, they have been joined by Katie Driscoll, once again.

Mark looks for designer Jana Hutchinson before going in to read the script with the cast...something must be afoot.

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