Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday, Pre-Actor Draw

The playwrights are dicussing their evening's journey torward a completed script. "I was done by 10:30," Veteran writer Paul Mullin shares with the video crew, "and I was thinking, that's crazy. That's like Scot Auguston speed." Auguston isn't around to rejoinder, alas. We'd be in for banter for the ages, undoubtedly.

As we get closer to the director draw, Virgin director Andrew Huntley  has outed himself as a Pittsburgh Steeler fan. "What are you doing in Seattle?" someone intones; "working at this festival," he replies. "Oh, wait, are the Steelers in the playoffs?" No. "Ow, there is no mercy in this room," Huntley replies. Apparently, he'd forgotten about the stolen Super Bowl.

Pattie Miles Van Beuzekom comes strolling in a might tardy, grabs a script, and gets right to work. She approaches the blogger table. "What do you guys think would be good gifts for a baby shower? They don't talk about any of the gifts, so what would make for good business?"She is proof positive of the latest punishment that the 14/48 gods are meting out: Directors who show up late end up directing the two hander.

And the actors are arriving, and Veteran director Richard Ziman is talking with his Veteran playwright, Marcy Rodhonderon, "he's out of opium, and she is providing, so she is god in this case."

And we're rolling.

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