Thursday, January 10, 2013

So I'm waiting outside the theater, way too early (as usual) for. everyone to show up for the start of the second weekend of this edition of 14/48. Not my first time, but my first time as a blogger. I'm excited.

At tonight's meeting the "virgins" will be oriented, the Mazen Award winner announced and the theme drawn for tomorrow's seven shows. The writers will escape to their caves in search of either the stunningly original idea or something that won't embarrass them completely. The others, the actors, directors, designers, technicians and volunteers will mill about indulging in the most precious and least mentioned benefit of this festival; the momentary community.

For the next 48 hours these talented people will be submerged in creating for the stage. They will be working together with people they may very well know but have never had the chance to work with. And tomorrow evening the lights will come up on seven short plays that do not exist at this moment. It is unique and scary and exciting and fun. It's 14/48.

(And Andy says I need to shorten my posts… before I even get started.

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Peggy Gannon said...

I totally disagree!!!!!!! I like longer posts, they are usually more interesting and capture better what it is that I fell like I'm missing by not being there.