Friday, January 11, 2013

Rehearsal Drop In: #1 Turnabout by Paul Mullin

Here is the aforementioned design team meeting with Corey McDaniel out in the Allen Theater Lobby. Among the cast, there is a brief discussion of the feasibility of having a pair of actors on a fly system...It's decided that while desireable, it is unlikely to happen. Apparently, they are aiming to have as nude a look on the actors as possible...Mike Mathieu asks, "is it goin to go right up the butt?" "Hopefully not, but it will be clean." "That's the thing I'm worried about."

Tracy Leigh and Sean Ryan read through the script and play Rock/Paper/Scissors, meanwhile Corey talks with Mike and Kenna Ketrick, who are playing Adam and Eve archetypes. They work through the script large beat by large beat, and agree on a game plan.

While all of that is going on, Mullin is excitedly talking about the Seahawk chances on Sunday, and playfully teases the crew, "I just sent all of you invites on Facebook, and if you accept them, that's how I know these friendships are real."
Corey gathers his actors. "Okay, you guys ready? How are you feeling, any questions?" "I'm stoked," Kenna offers. "All right, let's start blocking."

The cast clears the stage in the Allen waiting area, Paul and Corey sit on one end, and they are off.

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