Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rehearsal Drop-in #3 SIASFGTAAR

This play by Wesley K. Anderson has the distinction of having the longest title in the festival. The actors are on their feet running through it already. Corey introduces me to the cast and tells me that a detailed listing of his internal emotional process as a Virgin Director will be available to me after lunch. Virgin Actor Opal Peachey and Veteran Actor Darragh Kennan are "dancing" in a nightclub scene and no one in the room can keep a straight face. This cast is clearly enjoying the process. Corey directs Opal and fellow Virgin Actors Jordi Montes and Mike Mathieu through a beat during which their characters salute. Something hysterical just happened but I missed it. "Bi-sexual radicalism" is a bit of dialog that perks up my ears. Mike exits the scene, sits down next to me and relishes the discoveries he just made. The way he handled the joystick really cracked that scene wide open. I leave this room laughing...

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