Saturday, January 12, 2013

Show #2 Tech: Erik Van Beuzekom's The Hummingbird Lady

It's determined that more help will be needed to make the transition smoother for the run crew, and show #2's tech begins with director Richard Ziman walking with a giant stick. The band is rehearsing "Little Runaway." Richard prefers for that song to actually play under the beginning of his piece, which requires a resetting of the light cue to make it seem smooth. They iron out the wrinkles and the cast gets to work their entrance.

The group moves on to the next cue, which has been moved from a different spot in the script, in order to underscore the entrance and presence of the titular character, played by Tracy Leigh. Mazen recipient Lisa Viertel and Veteran actor John McKenna play a pairr of urban lookyloos who are simultaneously skeptical and yearning.

Erik has delivered another taste of the unique flavor that hails from the Olympic Peninsula (a softer phrase for what is usually termed the "Chimacum Skull****").

They work a final sound effect with the band and the tech rolls on to show #3.

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